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Did you forget your password?

We can see it now. You wanted to create the PERFECT password you would never, ever forget. Your dog’s name plus “1!” has floated all over the Internet for too long, so you needed something new. You can never remember how to spell your mother-in-law’s name, and your wife is getting suspicious that “AngryOldMonster1234” isn’t your 9th grade Spanish teacher, as you claim. Maybe stop saying, “How’s the angry old monster?” every time you talk about her mother, okay? And let’s face it, “CourtneyCoxPerfect10” didn’t work out so well for you, either. (You have a tendency to be a touch too obvious.)

But saving your passwords has its risks too, right? Toddlers and one-click Amazon shopping don’t mix, proven by 17 DVD sets of the complete series of Friends. And you don’t even like Friends. I mean, season 5 was okay, and parts of season 6, and 1-3 are pretty good...

But this time is going to be easy. This time you won’t forget. All you have to do is remember. Remember? You do remember, don’t you? You… you don’t?

Geez. Try something harder than “Password 1234” and easier than “GfrT42-glh4hs9-9rYn!” and we’re sure you’ll manage to work it out. (Yeah, right.)

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